About Balblair 2001
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balblair 2001 highland single malt scotch whisky
LCBO No. 279414

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About Balbair: A Unique Distillery

The misty shores of the Dornoch Firth is the home of Balblair. It’s there that they’ve been producing award-winning Highland Single Malt whisky since they rolled out their very first barrel in 1790.

Balblair is dedicated to pursuing an Exclusively Vintage philosophy. Their whiskies are uniquely Vintage, named for the year they were made, not with an age statement.

Every year, Distillery Manager, John MacDonald, tastes, judges and selects straight from the cask. And at exactly the right moment, when the balance between the age and the character of the whisky is just right, they bottle it.

Each Vintage represents an exact moment in time. A moment of perfection. It’s the ability to judge that precise point in time that makes Balblair so special.

Timing is everything. It’s an art. An alchemy. A way of life.

Tasting Note:
The first release of Balblair 2001 is sparkling golden in appearance. This full bodied malt displays unmistakable Balblair characteristics: floral notes and aromas of fresh fruits such as oranges, apples and lemons. The American oak, ex bourbon casks, used in maturation impart distinctive toffee and vanilla notes.

On the palate it is sweet and spicy; fresh fruits dominate and combine with toffee to create a balanced flavour and a long lasting finish.

Aroma: Floral, fragrant, lemons, oranges, sweet, honey, vanilla, green apples, leather, toffee, full bodied.
Palate: Sweet, spicy, vanilla, toffee, full bodied, lemons, oranges, floral, fragrant, green apples.
Finish: Sweet, spicy, toffee, long lasting, full bodied.

Alc/Vol. 46% Non-chill Filtered

Visit: www.balblair.com for more details.