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Catto’s rare old blended scotch whisky 1.14 litre
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James Catto was a pioneer of Scotch whisky blending. His skill and discernment took the craft to new levels and his Rare Old Scottish is celebrated today as ‘The Artisan Blend‘.

about catto’s

Catto’s is one of the oldest family names in the long tradition of Scotch whisky blending.

James Catto began his business in 1861 in Aberdeen. He decided to blend the high quality local Highland malt whiskies, sold in his store, with popular Lowland grain whiskies. And so he locked himself away, measuring, mixing and tasting until he was sure he had created the finest blended Scotch. Only then did he share his product with anyone else. His craftsman-like approach paid off and his whisky was an instant success.

Thanks to Catto’s connections with the founders of P&O and White Star shipping lines, his whiskies were soon shipped all over the world. So, before long, Catto’s brands became established in clubs and officers’ messes around the globe.

Today, you can still enjoy his Rare Old Scottish Whisky, which remains true to its original recipe of the finest malt and grain whiskies. The result is a smooth and timeless dram that continues to be celebrated around the world as “The Artisan Blend“.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Aromatic, light with traces of honey
Colour: Mid-amber in colour
Taste: Fully aromatic, well-rounded in character with a smooth, mellow finish. An excellent all round blend.

For more information visit www.cattos.com

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