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LCBO No. 194878

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A new, clear, Canadian whisky. White Owl has all the flavour, body and kick you would expect in a premium whisky but is absolutely clear making it ideal for cocktails and mixed drinks.

Q & A with Highwood Distillers, makers of White Owl Whisky

How old is the whisky aged?
We use mostly 10 year old wheat grain and less mature rye grain for more of a bite and taste.

Why is it clear?
We triple filter it to remove the color, like high end vodkas and remove all impurities, and indigestible alcohols. We can’t give exact production information as the process and recipe is priority.

What are the benefits of clear whisky?
It is more mixable! As well as your favorite whisky mix you can now be creative and make Martinis (Apple White Whisky), Screwdrivers, Caesars, or cranberry juice are some of the many mixes you can enjoy. The taste is also cleaner, crisp, & a smoother taste with filtering.

It doesn’t smell like whisky?
What you smell in all whiskies is the flavoring that is allowed to be added to make whiskies palatable. By law you can add up to 9.09% additives & flavorings. Some of the most common additives are caramel coloring/flavoring, artificial flavors, sherry, and/or brandy. To White Owl we add none of these. The taste therefore is a softer rye flavor and smoother than premium vodka thanks to the 10 years of aging and filtering.

Is it moonshine?
No, moonshine is not aged or filtered and contains many impurities.

I am/know people who can’t drink rye?
They can drink ours as with triple filtering – “we clean the evil out”. This also helps in reducing the occurrence of hangovers.

What can I mix it with it?
Enjoy it as you normally like your rye cocktails, but now with White Whisky the drinks options are limitless.


From Highwood Distillers in High River, Alta., this is one very unusual whisky. It’s perfectly clear, like vodka or gin. All whiskies get their typically amber hue from wood aging. The difference here is in the carbon filtration process, which intentionally strips the wheat-based spirit of its colour. Designed to tap consumer thirst for clear booze, it’s relatively light and deliciously mellow, showing notes of butterscotch and anise, with less of the spice associated with many whiskies. Think of it as whisky-flavoured vodka, only more affordable than many superpremium flavoured vodkas. Rating: 91/100” Beppi Crosariol, The Globe & Mail

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